Car Rental Franchise: Get Started with Rent-a-Wreck

Opening a Rent-A-Wreck franchise location at your independent car dealership is quick and easy. We work with you to make sure your location is successful and profitable.

As an 'add on' operator, you have several key advantages. You have a facility and personnel already in place, and most importantly, you understand the wholesale vehicle market place and how to buy and sell at auction.

Independent dealers are able to gain access to many closed factory sales as a benefit of being a Rent-A-Wreck franchise. Additionally, the Rent-A-Wreck Lease to Own and Rent to Own programs are valuable for dealers who want to provide this service to customers without the risk of a self finance/BHPH program.

Step 1:

Complete our franchise information request.

Step 2:

Receive our information package and complete our confidential franchise application.

Step 3:

Receive the franchise disclosure document and begin due diligence.

Step 4:

Schedule home office or corporate store visit, receive and sign the Rent-A-Wreck franchise agreement.

Step 5:

Attend Rent-A-Wreck franchise training program

Step 6:

Launch the opening of your Rent-A-Wreck Franchise Location