Car Rental Franchise Oportunities - Market Map

By clicking on the markers in the map above you'll find where U.S. Rent-A-Wreck franchises are currently located. We currently have International locations in Norway and Sweden, and on the Dutch side of the island of St. Martin. Rent-A-Wreck auto rental franchise opportunities are available worldwide. We do not franchise in Canada.

A Rent-A-Wreck franchise can succeed in a travel destination, close to an airport or resort, in an urban environment where customers often opt to not own their own vehicles and rent on a regular basis, or in small towns and rural environment where a vehicle is usually the only means of travel.  There are a diverse set of reasons for needing to rent a vehicle, and our franchise is designed to accommodate them all because of our flexible fleeting strategy and business model.  

Value never goes out of fashion, and that’s why Rent-A-Wreck franchises thrive in a diverse set of markets.  We provide our franchise owners with all the tools for success from fleeting and financing, to insurance, reservations from major travel websites and travel agents, training and one on one coaching and assistance from a team of experienced professionals.

We partner with business owners across the country and around the world.  By combining the strength of our system with an entrepreneur's local market knowledge and network, we are able to compete head to head with the largest car rental companies because of this powerful combination.